Southern half of the Allegheny Front Trail

While I’m on break from my work at Ehrhart Stained Glass, I went for a hike on the Allegheny Front Trail Loop in Moshannon State Park, near Philipsburg, PA. Entirely it’s about 40 miles long but I did the southern half using Ben Cramer’s 2nd edition guide in a counter clockwise direction.

The trail is marked well, for the most part, with yellow blazes. I was also using an AllTrails GPS app. I wondered off the trail a couple of times but I was alerted by a little phone chime in my AllTrails app. It’s a nice little feature that added to the carefree joy of my hike.

I walked about 10 miles a day with relative ease and had no problem finding water or a place to camp. I saw only a couple of trail maintenance people and one person hiking the other direction. The trail was beautiful particularly along the mossy ridge lines. I can’t get enough of the lush green tunnels of Pennsylvania.

I would have done the whole trail but was discouraged by the second day, with all the rain and I had intermittent phone reception. Fortunately I took a little palm size radio and ear buds with me to listen to a night. That instead of all the creepy things wandering around the woods in the dark. My little radio predicted nothing but rain during the evening weather forecast to the remainder of my planed 4 day hike. So I made a decision to cut it short on the 2nd day, at the halfway point on route 504.

The 504 bisects the the AFT loop and my car was parked roughly 10 miles down 504, just on the other side of the loop. I planned on walking far enough to find phone reception and call for an Uber or possibly get a hitch. Luckily I really didn’t walk very far when I walk by a family lodge along the road. The family, who were having breakfast outside, just happened to see me when a cute young man walk over and asked it everything was alright. “I was looking for phone reception to call an Uber”, I said. “Oh, you need a ride? I can give you one”, he said. They even wanted to feed me breakfast but I was content to just visit a bit, since I already had breakfast, and catch a ride with the handsome young man who first spoke to me.

I love this trail and I definitely want to come back to complete the North Half.

Pastel Workshop at YAA

Here are the results of my pastel workshop at the York Art Association with Marion Stephenson. I’m very pleased with the results and look forward to doing more works in pastel.

“A Spring Hike Through the Woods”, 16 x 20″, Pastel on Paper, 2021

“Reflections on the Water”, 16 x 20″, Pastel on Paper, 2021

Winter Wind

Vickie Millard, 2021, “Winter Wind”, 40 x 30″, Acrylic on Canvas

I’ve been looking at trees on my hikes and thinking about the muscular and expressive quality of their limbs, as well as the trees movement or lack of movement.

I don’t know how to feel about this yet. I may just look at it for a while and think about it. Is this scary or hopefull?

Revision to “Misson Accomplished”

Every month I attend a group called the 3rd Tuesday Art Group. I and other local artists critique each others work . I find it’s really helpful and I’m so grateful for their critical eye.

I decided after our meeting that I had not yet accomplished the completion of my painting “Mission Accomplished”. I feel satisfied with it now.

I’ve also been working toward doing a painting for 2020. This little painting measuring 8 x 10″ is called “Isolation”.

Mission Accomplished!

I revised a painting from one I did earlier this year. That’s what happens when I look at my paintings too long. I start changing them! I think this revision to my painting is clarifying. It shows a mission accomplished; the completion of my thru hike of the Appalachian Trail.

“Mission Accomplished”, 40 x 30″, Acrylic on canvas.