Mile 442.1 Hanover, NH

We had to wait till Monday to pick up our drop box at the post office and then it rained on Tuesday. For that reason we took 3 zero days! More then we would have liked. But we did explore Hanover and all it’s restaurants. I love the book store and it’s free public buses.

We will be back on the trail tomorrow and soon in Vermont. By all accounts Vermud is a muddy state to hike in. I bought new socks in Hanover so I would have dry sock liners to wear every day.

Goodbye scary rock climbs of New Hampshire. Hello mud of Vermont.

4 thoughts on “Mile 442.1 Hanover, NH

  1. Dear Vickie, What an adventure! I love it that you had a respite from the trail and were able to explore and discover interesting aspects of one of the towns along the trail. Also, happy you will have at least some help keeping your poor old feet dry. Hang in there and hang out when the opportunity presents itself without a second thought. You are on the trip of a lifetime and I am vicariously enjoying every minute. I love you. Keep dry when possible. xoxoxoxo Ellie

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  2. Vickie, Tom: I hope you enjoy your trek through Vermont. Today,. Sunday, your GPS says you’re only a few miles from a cousin who lives in Shrewsbury (same last name and an attorney in Rutland), and several days farther on you’ll be passing east of Arlington, the town where I lived as a boy). Enjoy the Green Mountains! Unless climate change has affected it greatly, you should start to see color in the trees. A great time to be in VT .

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