VT 140, Wallingford

I’m enjoying Vermont! It’s a little disturbing to see the leaves falling and turning colors but the terrain is good and our pace has improved. We are doing fifteen mile days again.

We are spending a day in Wallingford due to rain. The rain makes hiking a real struggle. The forest floor in Vermont seems pretty wet even on a dry day.

We have seen no more North bounders on the trail for about a week. All the people we meet now are South bounders or hikers on the Long Trail.

The weather looks good tomorrow so we will be heading out again.

5 thoughts on “VT 140, Wallingford

  1. Hey birthday girl! Hope you don’t spend your birthday hiking in the rain. You are my hero! Glad the Vermont hiking is a little easier. Keep on keeping on and showing that tenacious spirit in your soul. Love you! K

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  2. Hi Vickie, Those turning leaves are a clue that there is little time to waste getting south. The rain has to dampen more than spirits. I doubt if you can pick up the pace, 15 miles per day is impressive, but just remain steady and you will be home soon. I miss you, old girl. oxoxoxoxo your fan xoxoxoox

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