Bennington, VT

My sister Kim visited the Buddha and I the day after my birthday. I was so surprised! Apparently they had been planning this for a couple of weeks. Sneaky! We had a long, fantastic breakfast together! It made me really home sick but ultimately we did 11 miles that day. For a short day that’s pretty amazing. Averaging about 15 miles a day.

We are rained in right now in Bennington, Vermont. Can’t wait to get moving again.

2 thoughts on “Bennington, VT

  1. I believe Kim’s birthday surprise visit was planned from the beginning of your journey! She and Tommy pulled off a really good surprise. You are doing an amazing covering ground in spite of bad weather. Hang in there the road home is not long in comparison to the ground you have already covered. I love you, old girl, stay as dry as possible and keep moving toward home. xooxoxo

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  2. Buddah will be back in time to audition for Santa Claus jobs 🙂 You are not missing anything down here as all we have is rain, rain, rain. The weekend is to clear up….hopefully! Be well, Jim n Joanne


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