Bear Mountain and the Hudson River

We have 300 more miles to go! Hopefully the rain will not keep us from our hike. We have had some beautiful Fall days this past week!

Right now we are staying at the Stoney Point Retreat. It’s a lovely retreat for people of many faiths and hikers too! All you can eat breakfasts and dinners, so we are living it up! I won’t be able to eat this way when I get home.

3 thoughts on “Bear Mountain and the Hudson River

  1. My goodness, you are on a roll. Clear skies, beautiful country, good company, new friends, and getting close to successfully completing a very real challenge! In my book, it could not be a better experience. Savor the day. I can’t wait to see you. xoxoxo Ellie

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  2. Sending blue skies and sunny trails and energy for the end of the road. What a truly admirable adventure and an inspiration you 2 have been!!!
    Hugs, joanne

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