Mohican Outdoor Center, New Jersey

We spent an evening with one of Buddha’s friends from his boy scout days, David Frost and his wife Wendy. They couldn’t have been nicer and their beautiful home looked like it could have been featured in American Bungalow Magazine.

We are stranded due to the wind and rain at an AMC cabin at the Mohican Outdoor Center in New Jersey. It’s nice to have a restful day but frustrating to be so close to Pennsylvania and the finish.

The terrain is starting to get rocky like the difficult rocky trails of Pennsylvania we have heard about. Where boots go to die. After the rocks it will be smooth sailing to Pine Grove Furnace, so we hear.

7 thoughts on “Mohican Outdoor Center, New Jersey

  1. Hi there, have an estimated arrival at :Pine Grove Furnace, would love to be there to welcome you home. I know it would be an wild guess but we can plan to stay open during that week. Sooooo happy you are sooooo close. What an experience!!!!!!!!

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  2. WHOOPIE! The home stretch. I can’t wait to see and hear of this adventure in the full version. No try the abbreviated version on me. I want the whole tale: start to finish. I hope the weather behaves and you will be able to wreck nothing more than shoes. I love you and Tommy and pray for you daily. Happy trails. xoxoxooxo

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