Palmerton, PA

I am marveled by the amazing clouds we have seen. Off and on rain today so we have “taken a zero day.” We found a wonderful place to stay behind a restaurant in town called “Bert’s.” Not a bad place to eat too.

The decent coming into Palmerton was pretty steep and rocky. Not the kind of hiking I would want to do in the rain. The views in Pennsylvania make the rocky hike worth while though I may just be happy to be in PA.

It’s a little frustrating to be taking a zero day so close to the finish. But we both realized how tired we were this morning and I’m really enjoying this lazy day.

We will be back on the trail tomorrow and I’m looking forward to what fantastic views the new day will bring.

3 thoughts on “Palmerton, PA

  1. Yes, thanks again for your sharing your thoughts & pics.
    First Friday here brought sheets of evening rain & thoughts turned to you trying to do anything at all in that kind of weather. Today has dawned bright & sunny& I hope it will stay that way as you complete your trail days🙏🏻

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  2. So happy for you that you are coming into the home stretch. Pa is a beautiful state. You 2will soon be completing your amazing adventure. Wishing you sunny skies and happy trails on this last leg.
    Jim and Joanne

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