Victoria Millard

Light is the phenomenon by which the world is made visible. It is the luminous quality of  colored glass that attracted me first to stained glass as a medium in Art. As a stained glass artist I am also drawn to, and I am part of a tradition of Art in light passed from master to apprentice since the ninth century. My aspiration as a stained glass artist is to maintain and contribute to this tradition of stained glass. I have also had an academic education in Art from the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design graduating with a B.F.A.

My methods in craft and art are as I was disciplined by my mentors, but with a lighthearted style uniquely my own. Stained glass has been a major influence in my art no matter what medium I choose to work in.

I find interest in whatever I am tasked to do as an artist. I have been intrigued with symbolism and graphic interpretations. Currently, I have elaborated on those interests with sculpture, drawing, painting and more expressive color and texture in photography. I am fascinated and challenged every day by life’s adventure, and it’s embrace of light.

I am an independent Artist and I write and produce books for the Stained Glass profession.