Falconry at Weybright

I had a great experience observing Dr. Craig Ruder and his red tail hawk this his Years day. Spectacular bird of prey trained to hunt. I felt like medieval nobility.

Dr. Ruder and his wife, and fellow glass painter, Angelia, Chance and S.K. Ruder, my Aunt Ellie, and I had great fun beating the bushes and trees looking for squirrels.

York Hiking Club

I joined the York Hiking Club for a walk around York to look at murals.

Our guide and fellow hiker was Marion Stephenson. Marion painted the mural near the “White Rose” Restaurant.

Even though it rained it incorporated two of my favorite activities, hiking and looking at art.

Abstract paintings

I’ve started to work on some large scale abstract paintings.

Also I’ve been looking at photos and sketches from our AT adventures.

My favorite photo

I’s all great fun! Thanks to all for the welcome home and congratulations.

15.3 miles to go!

Our ETA is Tuesday at noon!

Many thanks to Mary and Paul Lumdeen who provided some trail magic, delicious food, laundry, and the warmth and comfort of their home last night. We’ve got dry socks!

I discovered my waterproof boots are no longer waterproof 😠

Feeling great today!

Blue Mountain Drive

We didn’t get very far and it began to pour down rain again. We moved ahead 15 miles to a Micromotel and found two hikers we met before staying there. Had dinner last night with Dorothy and her dog Toto and River Strap.

Still raining. Lazy day today mostly but we will get our drop box and sort out our food and supplies for the next few days. Our motel is near Cabela’s sporting goods so we got some blaze orange hats for the bow and arrow hunting season.

I’m trying not to be too anxious to get home but it’s getting harder the closer we get.

Palmerton, PA

I am marveled by the amazing clouds we have seen. Off and on rain today so we have “taken a zero day.” We found a wonderful place to stay behind a restaurant in town called “Bert’s.” Not a bad place to eat too.

The decent coming into Palmerton was pretty steep and rocky. Not the kind of hiking I would want to do in the rain. The views in Pennsylvania make the rocky hike worth while though I may just be happy to be in PA.

It’s a little frustrating to be taking a zero day so close to the finish. But we both realized how tired we were this morning and I’m really enjoying this lazy day.

We will be back on the trail tomorrow and I’m looking forward to what fantastic views the new day will bring.

Mohican Outdoor Center, New Jersey

We spent an evening with one of Buddha’s friends from his boy scout days, David Frost and his wife Wendy. They couldn’t have been nicer and their beautiful home looked like it could have been featured in American Bungalow Magazine.

We are stranded due to the wind and rain at an AMC cabin at the Mohican Outdoor Center in New Jersey. It’s nice to have a restful day but frustrating to be so close to Pennsylvania and the finish.

The terrain is starting to get rocky like the difficult rocky trails of Pennsylvania we have heard about. Where boots go to die. After the rocks it will be smooth sailing to Pine Grove Furnace, so we hear.

Bear Mountain and the Hudson River

We have 300 more miles to go! Hopefully the rain will not keep us from our hike. We have had some beautiful Fall days this past week!

Right now we are staying at the Stoney Point Retreat. It’s a lovely retreat for people of many faiths and hikers too! All you can eat breakfasts and dinners, so we are living it up! I won’t be able to eat this way when I get home.