Mohican Outdoor Center, New Jersey

We spent an evening with one of Buddha’s friends from his boy scout days, David Frost and his wife Wendy. They couldn’t have been nicer and their beautiful home looked like it could have been featured in American Bungalow Magazine.

We are stranded due to the wind and rain at an AMC cabin at the Mohican Outdoor Center in New Jersey. It’s nice to have a restful day but frustrating to be so close to Pennsylvania and the finish.

The terrain is starting to get rocky like the difficult rocky trails of Pennsylvania we have heard about. Where boots go to die. After the rocks it will be smooth sailing to Pine Grove Furnace, so we hear.

Bear Mountain and the Hudson River

We have 300 more miles to go! Hopefully the rain will not keep us from our hike. We have had some beautiful Fall days this past week!

Right now we are staying at the Stoney Point Retreat. It’s a lovely retreat for people of many faiths and hikers too! All you can eat breakfasts and dinners, so we are living it up! I won’t be able to eat this way when I get home.

Salisbury, Connecticut

We have taken some time off to attend my Uncle Dick’s funeral and yesterday we zeroed because of rain.

Salisbury is a nice town to visit but we are both very anxious to get moving again.

Looking forward to beautiful Fall weather and swift legs!


We stoped for some R&R and a quick but fun visit with Leslie and Dwain Breger.

This fall has been beautiful at times but also wet and muddy. Here is the flooded meadow trail we hiked through.

This years colors are spectacular! Taking the good weather with the bad is part of the experience.

Bennington, VT

My sister Kim visited the Buddha and I the day after my birthday. I was so surprised! Apparently they had been planning this for a couple of weeks. Sneaky! We had a long, fantastic breakfast together! It made me really home sick but ultimately we did 11 miles that day. For a short day that’s pretty amazing. Averaging about 15 miles a day.

We are rained in right now in Bennington, Vermont. Can’t wait to get moving again.

VT 140, Wallingford

I’m enjoying Vermont! It’s a little disturbing to see the leaves falling and turning colors but the terrain is good and our pace has improved. We are doing fifteen mile days again.

We are spending a day in Wallingford due to rain. The rain makes hiking a real struggle. The forest floor in Vermont seems pretty wet even on a dry day.

We have seen no more North bounders on the trail for about a week. All the people we meet now are South bounders or hikers on the Long Trail.

The weather looks good tomorrow so we will be heading out again.

Mile 442.1 Hanover, NH

We had to wait till Monday to pick up our drop box at the post office and then it rained on Tuesday. For that reason we took 3 zero days! More then we would have liked. But we did explore Hanover and all it’s restaurants. I love the book store and it’s free public buses.

We will be back on the trail tomorrow and soon in Vermont. By all accounts Vermud is a muddy state to hike in. I bought new socks in Hanover so I would have dry sock liners to wear every day.

Goodbye scary rock climbs of New Hampshire. Hello mud of Vermont.