Mile 373.1 Franconia Notch, NH

Maine and New Hampshire are difficult States to hike in. For example, this waterfall was part of the trail!

I’m enjoying the amazing views but I’ll be glad when we are on easier terrain.

Today is Dick’s birthday! I finally got to the top of Mt. Washington! I could see the Mt Washington hotel Dick and I would frequent way off in the distance below. It felt like Dick was with me that day. Getting a new perspective of things is good for the soul.

Mile 298.2 Rattle River Lodge

We survived Mahoosuc Notch. I don’t like rock scrabbles. It isn’t the ups that I mind it’s going down that I find terrifying. It takes strength go up and courage to climb down.

We have more rocks to climb in New Hampshire as well but nothing as challenging as what we have been through.

Whenever I have flown over New Hampshire all I have ever seen were forests, rivers, and lakes. There has been no lack of water and we have been board-walking a lot of bogs. I heard that in some places, if you fall in, the mud in the bogs are hip high. I’ve slipped on the wet boards twice but have never fallen in.

Though we are very slow in our pace we have been very cautious. Especially in wet weather. Hopping for dry sunny hiking in New Hampshire.

Mile 267.2, Bethel, ME

I’ve been taking lots of pictures along the way. So many new ideas for painting.

We are about to begin what our AWOL Guide calls “the most difficult or fun mile of the AT.” It is where a jumbled pit of boulders are. It’s called the Mahoosuc Notch. We have heard lots of stories from north bounders about it. Some good and some bad. Had breakfast with a north bound guy who said he skipped it. Not us!

Today we will hike to the Northern end of Mahoosuc. That way we will have all day tomorrow to devote to getting through the Notch.

Ready to rock and roll!

Mile 188.2 Stratton, ME

We stayed in a Hiker Hostel last night and received our drop box from home. It was great to rest in a bed and eat in a restaurant after hiking up the first mountains of Maine.

Waiting for our shuttle to take us back to the trailhead. We have more mountains to climb!

Mile 114.5 Monson, MA

Finally made it out of the 100 mile wilderness. It was beautiful but harsh. I heard the forest floor described as a plate of spaghetti. That being a metaphor for the tangle of thick tree roots on the trail. So we climbed up ladders of tree roots and crawled hand over hand rock scrambles. We met a lot of northbound people on their last section of the AT and southbound flip flopers like ourselves, some we already knew! It was great to meet up with them again here at Shaw’s Hiker hostel.The rain started up again on Sunday night so we are back to that again. I’m thankful we had dry and clear weather on Mount Katahdin. It was the most spectacular thing I ever saw. The terrifying heights on top made me think this was God’s eye view of the world. Nothing but trees, rivers, and lakes as far as the eye could see. What a world! Also we saw another strange object on the AT atop White Cap Mountain.